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Vitamin Angels - Sophia Billikopf - HN-0

Malnutrition is the #1 cause of preventable child deaths. Together we can help children and mothers get the essential vitamins and care they need. 


Vitamin Angels is a global charity that partners with local, nonprofit organizations all over the world to provide lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition — reducing preventable illness, blindness, and death — to create a healthier world.​


With the BUY 1 - GIVE 1 program, your purchase will supply 6 months of necessary vitamins to a child in need. We are proud to support the efforts of Vitamin Angels in bringing essential vitamins to millions of moms and children living in disadvantaged areas of the world. 

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Improving nutrition from the very start is a proven way to break the cycle of poverty and poor health that can hold families and communities in its grip for generations. With better health, children can thrive in school, and in life. And when they do, a world of possibility emerges. Vitamin Angels is committed to distribute vitamins because they’re a proven solution to reducing global malnutrition. To make a holistic and lasting impact, deworming tablets for children and nutritional counseling for mothers in need are also provided.

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